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How to prevent anxiety?

We all get anxious at some time or another. Whether it’s waiting for those exam results, a job interview, dealing with an illness

9 Oct

How to spot disability discrimination?

Whether it’s intentional or not, disability discrimination does exist. In many countries around the world there are no legal requirements for businesses to

22 Sep

Why is a shopping addiction to be taken seriously?

For most of us, addiction means drugs and alcohol and even cigarettes. There are other forms of addiction, however, that can be just

13 Sep

Is Adhd a disability?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD for short, is a long term condition that is characterised by trouble paying attention or concentrating, periods

6 Sep

How to spot early depression?

Spotting the early signs of depression in a loved one is not that easy. Is your partner more quiet than usual because they

30 Aug

What causes low self-esteem?

All of us have an opinion about who we are. We may think we are good at certain things and not at others.

23 Aug

The real stigma attached to mental illness

Even in more developed parts of the world like the USA and Europe, the stigma attached to mental illness still persists. Despite more

16 Aug

How to overcome any addiction?

Millions of people around the world have an addiction. You may be addicted to food, to cigarettes, alcohol, gambling and even drugs. Your

7 Aug

What are the obvious signs of drug addiction?

The estimates say that the number of people in the world with a drug addiction problem is around 27 million. Around 246 million

27 Jul

How to spot the stages of addiction?

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight. Most people start with a period of experimentation. Many leave it at that but a few others start on

19 Jul