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We take our work home and are always ready to offer support long after the office lights have gone off


The only goal written down on our office blackboard is ‘Help someone today’ and it’s the only metric we report on


Most of us are either disabled or former addicts so our past experiences and personality really shine through. 


We are an extremely diverse team so not only can we help in English but we understand a total of 14 languages 

What exactly does MADAID stand for?       Find Out 

Our Ambassadors

Tony Brandelio

Boise, Idaho

I was at a low point in my life and too embarrassed to seek out help from my family. I came across MADAID on Facebook and decided to send them a message. Sarah came back to me almost immediately, we began chatting and I can honestly say my life will never be the same. She was and still is my guardian Angel!

Colin Williams

Milton Keynes, England

Alcohol has been a demon of mine since my teens. When my wife left me and took our daughter with, it only made me drink more. A friend of mine told me about MADAID so I sent an email through. Brian replied, he was kind, understanding and always there for me. I am now 208 days sober and counting.

3065 People in our community
A Facebook community of over 3000 people. Please help us spread the word. Join us

933 Emails, letters and messages received
Almost 1000 people have contacted us for help. Please help us spread the word. Join us

271 Monthly hours per employee
Our staff spend around 270 hours every month reading and / or replying to inquiries each. Please help us spread the word. Join us

168 Ambassadors across the world
Over 160 individuals are willing to share their success stories in our name and many more in the making. Please help us spread the word. Join us


Mental Illness Statistics

Find out how many people worldwide suffer from Mental Illness

Addiction Statistics

Find out how many people worldwide suffer from Addiction

Physical Disability Statistics

Find out how many people suffer from a Physical Disability


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